Jospong Goes Green “Retrofits 1,000 Diesel Trucks To Electric

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Dec '23

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Jospong Goes Green “Retrofits 1,000 Diesel Trucks To Electric

Jospong Group of Companies (JGC) has entered into an international partnership with ZeroNox Inc., a sustainable off-highway vehicle electrification company, with the formal signing of a joint venture agreement to provide more electric vehicles in Ghana.

The agreement, which was signed at ZeroNox’s headquarters in the USA, aims at advancing clean technology solutions in Africa.

Through the agreement, 1,000 refuse trucks from the Jospong Group’s subsidiary, Zoomlion, will be converted from diesel to electric power utilising the ZeroNox electric powertrain platform (ZEPP).

A prototype of the all-electric refuse truck — the first of its kind and a significant achievement in the refuse truck electrification project — made its premier during the event.

The electrification of Jospong’s 1,000-refuse truck fleet by ZeroNox is projected to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 400,000 metric tonnes over five years, the equivalent of 18 million mature trees.

Representatives from Ghana’s government and other leaders from the US legislature joined ZeroNox Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Vonn Christenson; Co Founder and President, Robert Cruess; Chief Operating Officer, Jason Eggett, and CTO, Jacob Gotberg, to commemorate the event.

Ghana’s delegation was led by the Executive Chairman of Jospong Group, Dr Joseph Siaw Agyepong.

The unveiling of the world’s largest fleet retrofit electrification project and the signing of the agreement between Jospong Group and ZeroNox marked a significant milestone for both companies, and leverages Ghana as the gateway to electric vehicle and related technology distribution throughout Africa. 


It is estimated that Jospong Group will make savings of up to $323 million over five years, and as a result generate a return on its investment in less than three years.

Dr Siaw Agyepong said.” What started as a dream and unreachable goal is today being unveiled before our very eyes”.

Jospong Group, in 2022, established a collaborative arrangement with ZeroNox to pilot retrofitting three of its waste trucks into electric vehicles in line with its vision to promote clean energy and sustainability to drive the environmental and social agenda.

Retrofitting work

“We are excited to partner with a global leader like the Jospong Group in executing the world’s largest fleet retrofit electrification project,” Mr Christenson said.  

“This partnership emerged out of an alignment in the missions of our two organisations — a desire to deliver a better and more sustainable future and one where we can reduce carbon emissions without diminishing vehicle performance.

We look forward to fostering similar, high-impact strategic partnerships in the future,” he added.

Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Transport, Alhassan S. Tampuli, hinted that the Ministry of Transport and the Energy Commission were in the process of rolling out key policy initiatives to oversee the transition of combustible engines to electric vehicles.

“The businessman that he is, he has taken the lead, so we need to catch up with him by setting up all the necessary ground rules to support the roll-up,” he mentioned.

he Mayor of Porterville, where ZeroNox is located, Martha A. Flores, observed that the two companies were bringing clean technology into Ghana and promoting sustainable development across Africa.

She noted that the city was proud to recognise the global impact that would result from the partnership between Jospong Group and ZeroNox.

“New opportunities for economic growth and environmental stewardship are being created,” she emphasised.

During the event, Jospong Group and ZeroNox were presented with awards by the Ghana government in recognition of their contributions to global carbon emission reduction and the education of Ghana’s youth about green technology solutions.

About Jospong Group

The Jospong Group is one of the most diversified holdings companies in Ghana, with operations in other African countries, Asia and the USA.

The company has business interests in about 14 sectors of the economy, with over 60 subsidiaries and its biggest operations in waste management, ICT, Banking, Finance, automobile and equipment.

About ZeroNox

ZeroNox is leading the electrification of off-highway commercial and industrial vehicles, with best-in-class lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) batteries and an electric powertrain platform that is cleaner, high performing and cost-effective.

As a first mover in the advanced off-highway electric vehicle powertrain market, ZeroNox is designed and engineered in America, with offices in Porterville, California.

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