Zoomlion cleans various stadia for a successful African games 


Apr '24

Zoomlion cleans various stadia for a successful African games 

Zoomlion Ghana Ltd, Africa’s giant in waste management, is leaving no stone unturned in providing total sanitation solutions to the 13th African Games being hosted in Accra, Ghana.

The company has deployed about 15 brand-new waste collection trucks to manage the solid waste generated from the four sporting venues.

Speaking with the Director of Service Quality and Monitoring at Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Mr Ernest Kusi, he explained that the company was responsible for scientific cleaning, and environmental sanitation, including solid and liquid waste management, fumigation, and medical waste management at the four sporting centres which are Borteyman Sports Complex, Achimota Oval, Accra Sports Stadium and the Bukom Emporium.

He emphasized that Zoomlion has gone ahead to engage in source separation by providing well-labelled bins for both plastic and general waste. He added that the plastics will be sent to its recycling plants for value addition.

“Not all waste generated will be sent to the landfill, we have sorted the waste, and we will send the plastics to the treatment facility for value addition”

Mr. Kusi pointed out that the experience of the company in providing sanitation services as demonstrated at major sports tournaments such as CAN 2008 and CAN 2010 in Ghana and Angola respectively was brought to bear by ensuring all sports facilities are kept clean at all times.

He commended patrons for putting their waste in the wastebins provided and zoomlion staff who were stationed to regularly pick improperly disposed waste and place them in the waste bins.

A manager with Zoomlion’s Monitoring and Evaluation unit, stationed at the Bukom Emporium, Mr. Seth Appiah Ocran, in an interview, advised the patrons to keep any waste generated in the waste bins and not on the floor.

“Patrons should not litter around but keep waste in the bins that we have placed at vantage points. Visitors need to send a good message on sanitation from Ghana to the rest of the world,” he stressed.

Before the start of the Games, which is held every four years, Zoomlion provided special training to its sanitation officers to augment the company’s provision of sanitation services at the various stadia and sports facilities that will host the 13th All African Games in Accra from the 8th to 24th of March 2024

The recruits who were trained at the Army Peace Operations Training School (APOTS) at Bundase Training Camp were taken through intensive two-week training in basic management skills, drill, cleaning, self-discipline, physical fitness, time management, teamwork, crowd control and scientific cleaning essentials among others.

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