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The Jospong Group of Companies (JGC) has launched the Jospong-Komptech Waste Academy project to train over 600 staff of Zoomlion and other public officials on integrated solid waste management.
The Executive Chairman of Jospong Group of Companies, Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, has conveyed his appreciation to the dedicated staff of the company and the broader Jospong Group for their enduring commitment and sacrifices.
Africa’s waste management expert, Zoomlion Ghana Limited has commissioned another Integrated Recycling and Compost Plant (IRECOP) in the Volta Region to recycle municipal solid waste.

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ZL to Build New Recycling Facility in Takoradi

Our modern medical waste treatment facility provides a WHO standard treatment of medical waste produced by hospitals and other health centers by the use of an autoclave technology.

ZL Announces Second Quarter Earnings

A multi-purpose fabrication shop designed to be flexible and customisable. We build to your exact specification and allow you to make additional input to extend value for money.

ZL to Build New Recycling Compost Plant in Dambai

Proper management of landfill sites is of great importance. At Zoomlion, we have the right equipment and experienced personnel to appropriately handle landfill sites in Ghana.

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5 Steps to Get Started with Recycling

Zoomlion Ghana Ltd has equipped the 13th African Games in Accra with comprehensive waste management services, deploying 15 new trucks. They are tackling waste at four venues and have trained staff in various sanitation skills.
The Chairman of the Church of Pentecost (COP), Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye, has reiterated the need for the government to reconsider ways to discourage the single-use of plastics in the country.
The Jospong Group of Companies (JGC) has entered into an agreement with the Lagos State Government, facilitated by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, to construct waste treatment facilities in Lagos, Nigeria.