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Recycling For Homes, Industries & Businesses

We believe that every day presents an opportunity to contribute to a cleaner environment and a greener tomorrow.

Reducing Waste, Reimagining Resources

Solid Waste Recycling

Discover how our solid recycling program transforms everyday materials into valuable resources.

Our commitment to recycling isn’t just a slogan; it’s a daily practice that transforms everyday materials into valuable resources.
Recycling is at the heart of our waste management strategy, and it’s a key part of our mission to reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and create a cleaner, greener future
Plastic Recycling

Transforming Pollution into Progress

Plastic Recycling

By recycling plastics, we reduce the need for new plastic production, which relies on fossil fuels and contributes to carbon emissions

Plastic pollution is a global concern. However, we see plastic as both a challenge and an opportunity. Our commitment to plastic recycling is a vital part of our mission to reduce environmental harm and create a more sustainable future. We believe in the transformative power of recycling, turning plastic waste into valuable resources.
Paper recycling

Embracing Sustainability with Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling

we have streamlined the paper recycling process to make it convenient for you.

By recycling paper, we can reduce the need for virgin materials, save energy, conserve water, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Paper recycling is a simple yet powerful way to make a positive impact on our environment.

Innovating for Sustainable Waste Disposal

Landfill Engineering

Delve into our landfill engineering practices that focus on minimizing environmental impact while managing waste.

Our dedication to modern engineering techniques ensures that landfills are well-contained and efficiently managed. Additionally, our engineering strategies aim to prevent soil and water contamination.

Excellent Waste Disposal Solutions

Waste Landfills

Waste Landfills Company Ltd is an integrated waste management company that provides transfer, disposal and recycling services.

With a team of young and skilled professionals, Waste Landfills provides solutions downstream of the waste management value chain.

Innovative Practices for Sustainable Landfills


Explore how we put our commitment to environmental stewardship into practice

Throughout our landfill sites, we employ processes and technologies to guarantee the fulfillment of environmental safety and sustainability objectives. In select locations, we capture methane gas and convert it into renewable energy.

Nutrient-Rich Soil via Organic Waste

Organic Composting

Immerse yourself in our organic composting efforts, where waste becomes a valuable resource for nurturing soil and supporting local agriculture. Our composting practices reduce landfill waste while promoting sustainable farming.
We don’t just discard organic waste; we transform it into nutrient-rich compost. This sustainable practice reduces waste going to landfills and supports local agriculture.
Accra Composting and Recycling Plant

Integrated waste recycling


Accra Compost and Recycling Plant

ACARP is an integrated waste processing and recycling company that receives and processes municipal solid and liquid waste. Their waste stream is sorted into three main categories: organic, plastics, and high combustible materials such as textiles. From these sorted waste materials, ACARP produces organic manure, pelletised plastics, and fuels, respectively.
Kumasi Composting and Recycling Plant

focused on improving our communities


Kumasi Compost and Recycling Plant

The Kumasi Compost and Recycling Plant (KCARP) is a large-scale facility designed for the treatment of municipal solid waste in the Kumasi Metropolis and nearby district assemblies. Situated in Essereso-Adagya, within the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti region, KCARP has the capacity to handle up to 1,200 tons of municipal solid waste each day. This effectively manages the waste produced by both the city and its surrounding communities.

Preserving Water Quality

Liquid Waste Treatment

Our liquid waste treatment is designed to protect aquatic ecosystems and conserve water resources. We recognize the importance of treating wastewater responsibly to ensure cleaner water for all.
Additionally, our advanced liquid waste treatment processes ensure that contaminants are removed before wastewater is released into the environment.

Converting Waste to Energy

Waste Treatment

Our range of services within the sewerage systems & Faecal treatment includes;

Designing of faecal treatment plants, Management of sewerage systems, Operation and management of faecal treatment plants, Designing and construction of sewer networks, Rehabilitation of pump stations, Designing and construction of liquid waste water treatment plants and Consultancy services on liquid waste water treatment.
Water Treatment

Converting Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy

Converting Liquid Waste into Energy: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

Liquid waste, often viewed as a challenge, can be a valuable resource when managed responsibly. At Zoomlion, we are at the forefront of innovative technologies that transform liquid waste into a sustainable energy source. This groundbreaking process not only addresses waste management concerns but also contributes significantly to renewable energy production.

Protection Via Responsible Disposal

Medical Waste Treatment

Our modern medical waste treatment facility provides a WHO standard treatment of medical waste produced by hospitals and other health centers by the use of an autoclave technology. The multi-purpose facility consists of a laboratory for testing sterilized waste, cold room for temporal storage of medical waste and Steam boiler to generate pressurized steam at high temperatures which passes through lagged pipes into the autoclave which is in accordance with World Health Organization requirements.

Medical Waste Treatment

Responsible Disposal

Safeguarding Health and Environment through Responsible Disposal

Navigate our specialized approach to medical waste treatment, emphasizing strict compliance with regulations and responsible disposal practices. Our commitment to safety protects communities, healthcare providers, and the environment.

Medical Waste Treatment

Medical Waste Management

Safeguarding Health and Environment through Responsible Disposal

Our approach to medical waste treatment prioritizes the safety of communities, healthcare providers, and the environment. We strictly adhere to regulations and adopt responsible disposal practices.

What We Offer

Reliable Waste Management Solutions

Zoomlion Ghana Limited is committed to building a long-lasting relationship with our private sector customers (industry, etc.), Ministries, Department, and Agencies of central Government, Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assembly (MMDAs) or local authorities, and the communities we serve not excluding even our competitors in the industry, who we would prefer to refer to as partners.

Plastic Recycling

Our plastic recycling plants recycle plastic waste into usable products such as waste bins, polyethylene bags commonly known as plastic bags and waste bin liners.

Compost Production

Our integrated waste processing and recycling plant receives, sort, process and recycle solid waste and produce organic manure for agronomic purposes in Ghana and West Africa.

Medical Waste Treatment

Our modern medical waste treatment facility provides a WHO standard treatment of medical waste produced by hospitals and other health centers by the use of an autoclave technology.