Volta waste collaborates with media to promote 1 million Bin distribution 

 Volta Waste Limited, a subsidiary of the Jospong Group of Companies have partnered with media houses in the volta region to create public awareness for the distribution of 1 million bins.

Zoomlion Ghana limited and its regional subsidiaries are distributing waste bins under the “1 million Bin project” which is providing waste bins to households across the country to help collect those uncollected waste which end up at unauthorized places.

Volta Waste is leading the charge in the 27 Municipal and District Assemblies in both Volta and Oti regions to ensure that households within its operational zones are provided with standard waste bins to store waste for collection.  

Mr. Solomon Denyo, General Manager of Volta Waste Limited explained that the intention of the project is to “trap every Waste that is generated from homes, offices, Churches and send them to the appropriate area for recycling to generate organic compose”

He said the project apart from providing each household with a waste bin will also provide job opportunities for the youth within our communities.

Mr. Denyo added an Integrated Recycling and Compost Plants (IRECOPs) have been constructed in the Volta and Oti regions respectively. “These plants will help produce organic compost to help feed the agricultural sector”

He asked residents in the Volta and Oti regions to subscribe to the 1 million Bin project.

The team visited the newly constructed Integrated Recycling and Compost Plant in the region to familiarize itself with how the plant operates.


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