Presiding Members impressed with Zoomlion’s innovative projects at the Assemblies

Presiding members at the on-going National Conference of Presiding members have expressed their satisfaction with the innovations being introduced by Zoomlion Ghana Limited in their service delivery in the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).

Zoomlion Ghana Limited undertakes essential sanitation services within the various Assemblies in the country.

Sanitation services such as Sanitation Improvement Package (SIP), management of the sanitation module of the the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) among others have helped effectively manage waste management at the local level and provided jobs for huge number of young people in the various MMDAs.

The National Dean of Presiding Members, Hon. Joseph Korto in an Interview lauded the innovations being introduced by Zoomlion Ghana Limited to improve waste collection and total management at the various MMDAs.

“I am impressed with the innovations being introduced by Zoomlion such as modern waste trucks and the distribution of waste bins to collect additional waste”.

He said “I see the establishment of waste recycling plants as another innovation that will help create value out of the waste we generate. This aside providing jobs will also encourage waste segregation for efficient recycling”.

Hon. Korto urged the various Presiding Members to support the work of Zoomlion Ghana Limited as waste management forms a greater chunk of the Assemblies work in promoting healthy living.

In a presentation to engage presiding members on some of the innovations being introduced by Zoomlion Ghana Limited to improve solid waste collection and management, A senior Communications Officer of Zoomlion, Mr. Daniel Ohene Obeng explained that ultra modern waste collection equipments has been introduced to improve waste collection such as the new skip trucks to effectively and regularly haul communal containers, environmental friendly mini dump trucks which is improved tricycles for waste collection and the various recycling and composting plants which will help turn waste into re-useable products.

“Waste collection especially in urban areas will be improved as waste collected will be sent to recycling centers for recovery and re-use”.

Mr. Obeng also stated that “uncollected waste is mainly as a result of inadequate waste containers in the various households. These residents also resort to the communal containers to dump their waste and this exert pressure on the communal containers. To this effect Zoomlion is distributing wastebins to various households to help collect the uncollected waste which normally finds it’s way at unauthorized places”.

He added that “These wastebins have been embedded with a technology that helps track the container for the appropriate use for waste collection and this innovation will deliver useful data on waste generation for proper planning and collection”.

The 2021 National Conference of Presiding Members is on the theme: “Ghana’s digital revolution for a bright future, The role of the local assemblies”.

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