Jospong Group disinfects offices against COVID-19

Jospong Group disinfect all its offices against COVID-19

The Jospong Group of companies, owners of waste management giant Zoomlion Ghana limited as began massive disinfestation exercise in all offices of its over forty companies to help minimise the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The Vector Control unit of Zoomlion who are undertaking the disinfestation and fumigation activities in all of its corporate offices, subsidiaries and high risk residences of its expatriate workers across the country were busily disinfecting and fumigating rooms, door handles, toilet facilities, reception and floors with spraying machines using recommended alcohol based disinfectants and other chemical products.

The Deputy Head of the Vector Control Unit of Zoomlion, Mr Abel Djangmah explained in an interview that the company is in constant touch with the technical advisory committee members of the vector control unit drawn from the medical, environmental and entomological fields on recommended chemical products to be used in this critical time.

He said Vehicle mounted fogger machines were being used in fogging disinfectant into open spaces in the company premises with mechanized road sweeper vehicles filled with sanitizing chemical product was also used in sanitizing the compound of its companies.

Mr. Djangmah added that management is putting in place safety measures in order to ensure that its workers are protected against the coronavirus outbreak. 

In the meantime, the company have placed Veronica buckets filled with water at all vantage points of the company premises to ensure staff regularly washes their hands and sanitizers positioned for constant disinfecting.

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