Jospong Group Chairman dedicates success of conglomerate to employees 

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May '24

JSA Speaking to Employees

Jospong Group Chairman dedicates success of conglomerate to employees 

JSA Speaking to Employees

The Executive Chairman of Jospong Group of Companies, Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, has conveyed his appreciation to the dedicated staff of the company and the broader Jospong Group for their enduring commitment and sacrifices.

Addressing a gathering of employees from over 80 subsidiaries at the company’s headquarters in Accra to inaugurate this year’s employee month, Dr. Agyepong lauded them as the bedrock of the company’s growth and global success.

He underscored the theme “Dare to Dream,” urging staff to reflect on their individual empowerment and its collective impact on the company.

Dr. Agyepong emphasized the company’s core values of stewardship and people focus, calling on all workers to prioritize the welfare of their colleagues, including retirees. He stressed the importance of mutual respect and camaraderie among employees, highlighting the diverse backgrounds that enrich the Jospong family.

Dr. Agyepong expressed his wish for God’s protection and long life for all employees to enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

He urged a culture of unconditional love and forgiveness, drawing inspiration from Corinthians 13. 

Additionally, he advised strategic retirement planning and announced a significant annual allocation for staff welfare, including low-interest loans for personal empowerment. 

The guest speaker of the event, Dr. Helen Hagan urged employees to give their best in their roles, likening it to serving a higher purpose. She emphasized the importance of retirement planning for individuals of all ages. The event encapsulated the company’s ethos of valuing its workforce as the driving force behind its accomplishments.

The event was attended by Chief Operating Officers of the various clusters, Managing Directors and Chief Directors among others.

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