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Our Foot Prints In Africa


Equatorial Guinea

Zoomlion Ghana Limited entered into partnership with EGBL (Equatorial Guinea Business Links) in 2011 to form EGBL/ ZL to undertake cleaning at stadia in Bata and Malabo during the African cup of Nations 2012. EGBL/ZL through its ornamental plants nursery also providing landscaping and beautification services to interested horticulturalists, individuals and corporate entities that are interested in the service.

Zoomlion Equatorial Guinea

C/Carretera Punta Europa, KM7, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Tel: +240-222256688/ +240-22220678



With the good bilateral and diplomatic relations between Ghana and Angola as seen in the state visit to Ghana by His Excellency President Eduardo dos Santos of Angola in August 2010.

Zoomlion Ghana Limited in the same vain established a partnership with Ital Construct Angola Limitada in 2009/10 to form Zoomlion Angola Limitada, to undertake cleaning at the 11th of November stadium in Luanda during CAN 2010 and thereafter. Apart from executing contracts during CAN 2010, Zoomlion Angola Limitada has executed and continues to execute waste management contracts in the cities of Luanda and Cazenga. In addition Zoomlion Angola Limitada in November 2011 signed a contract with Empresa de Limpeza e saneamento de Angola (Elisal) to clean the city of Cazenga.

Zoomlion Ghana Limited has since exported technology and human resources to Angola, attracting a lot of commendation from the Angolan government, and triggering a mad rush by other Angolan companies for partnerships to venture in managing waste in the oil industry. The management of Zoomlion Angola Limitada comprises Ghanaians and Angolans who receive strategic direction and constant consultation from the head office in Accra.

The head office of Zoomlion Angola Limitada is located at Rua Fernando Pessoa, Vila Alice casa no. 101.

Zoomlion Angola

Rua Antonio Feijo No 4, Zona 11 Bairro Nelitto Soares

Villa Alice. Luanda- Angola

Tel: +244 917474445



Zoomlion Ghana Limited and Conex came into partnership in 2010 to form Zoomlion Liberia Incorporated to bid for the construction of landfill cells in Whein Town financed by the World Bank. Zoomlion Liberia Incorporated went ahead to bid for a waste management contract to provide services in Monrovia.

Zoomlion Ghana Limited through this project has exported technology and human resources to Liberia. Zoomlion Liberia incorporated employs more than 0ne hundred (100) Liberians on both the Whein Town landfill project and waste management project.


Zoomlion Liberia Incorporated

Fouta building

P.O.Box 2052, Bushrod Island, via Town

Monrovia Liberia

Tel: +231880970179



Zoomlion Togo SARL is owned 100% by Zoomlion Ghana Limited. Transformed from Zoom Togo SARL to Zoomlion Togo SARL in 2010, it has won a three years contract for the provision of services in Lot 6 in the city of Lomé for three years ending January 2013.

Zoomlion Togo SARL currently employs five (5) Togolese in for its operations. The major stakeholders of Zoomlion Togo SARL are the community in Lot 6 and the Mairie (Mayor of Lomé).


Zoomlion Togo Sarl

Pres de la Pharmacie de point E, 02 BP 20703 Lome Togo

Tel: +228 22 404656/ +228 99 672796

+228 99 571320



Zoomlion Ghana Limited and Environmental Innovations (EI) partnered to form Zoomlion Zambia Limited in 2010. With operations centralized in Lusaka, Zoomlion Zambia is providing waste management services to commercial, private and industrial properties in Zambia. Zoomlion Zambia also works in close contact with the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).

Zoomlion Angola

Rua Antonio Feijo No 4, Zona 11 Bairro Nelitto Soares

Villa Alice. Luanda- Angola

Tel: +244 917474445

Email: info@zoomlionangola.com

Website: www.zoomlionangola.com

To be the leading environmental sanitation management group in Africa.

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