Sanitation Guards Projects

This project was established because of an increasing focus on environmental sanitation and hygiene promotion as part of preventive health care in Ghana. This is because prevention has become a key source of cost-saving in health care delivery systems. Focusing more attention on environmental sanitation activities in our communities can have a major positive impact on people's well-being as their quality of life improves.

This is a project primarily aimed at developing and maintaining a clean, safe and pleasant physical environment in all human settlements, to promote the socio-economic and physical well-being of all sections of the population.

The project is aimed at assisting Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) in service delivery to the general public. It is being undertaken in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. Under this public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement, Sanitation Guards assist the EHOs of the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) to effectively carry out their routine sanitary duties.

Sanitation Guards assist the EHOs in the inspection of the following types of premises, for the purpose of enforcing sanitary laws and regulations of the MMDAs:

       Health Care centers
       Industrial areas
       Hospitality facilities

Other activities they carry out include:

         Hygiene education and promotion in communities, lorry parks, markets and schools
         Supervision and monitoring of sanitation services
         Dissemination of sanitary information to community members.

The project currently has 4,000 field operatives nationwide.