The Waste & Sanitation Module of GYEEDA


 Zoomlion Ghana Limited has a contract with the government to manage the Waste and Sanitation Module of the hitherto National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) which is  now known as the  Ghana Youth  Employment and  Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) . It was initiated by the government in 2006 in a bid to curb the high rate of unemployment among the youth of our nation and forestall the effects of this phenomenon on national development.

In this arrangement, Zoomlion is charged with the responsibility of equipping the youth who are recruited into this module with the appropriate equipment and working gear to undertake the sweeping of the ceremonial and major streets of our towns and cities as well as de-silting of drains. The company also provides training and supervises their daily activities.
The Government on the other hand does the recruitment of the workers, pays their allowances through Zoomlion on quarterly basis and pays the company for the Management Service.

The programme, which has an overall objective of improving environmental sanitation in the country through youth empowerment and capacity building, currently has field staff strength of about 42,000.