Our CSR Activities



It is a cherished value and commitment of Zoomlion to give back to society through capacity building, environmental education and donation to vulnerable groups.” It is against this background that Zoomlion has undertaken the following CSR activities

Zoom Captains’ Project.
As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Zoomlion has initiated the Zoom Captains Project, which trains women in the operation of earthmoving equipment. Twenty five (30) women who joined Zoomlion as sweepers and tricycle riders are now earthmoving equipment operators working in various final disposal sites in the country. The women have also received further training in Zoomlion’s equipment suppliers companies in China to further enhance their skills.

Zoom Kids Clubs
The Company has also formed a number of sanitation and health clubs in basic schools across the country to train children as peer educators on environmental sanitation. I is the belief of the company that if children are concientise on the need to imbibe good sanitary habits, they in turn will educate their colleagues and families, thereby effecting behavioural change in the society.

Public Education on Environmental Sanitation

Zoomlion since its inception has been playing a pivotal role in educating various communities on the need to keep their surroundings clean. This is done through the use of mass media, group and interpersonal forms of communication. The programme which is in collaboration with various Ministries has received good patronage in both urban and rural settings.

Support for Vulnerable Groups and National Programmes.
Zoomlion provides support be it cash or kind to vulnerable groups and institutions such as prisons, leprosy hospitals as well as provide environmental sanitation services to the government and people of Ghana important national days and during international conferences among others.