Zoomlion Togo SARL is owned 100% by Zoomlion Ghana Limited. Transformed from Zoom Togo SARL to Zoomlion Togo SARL in 2010, it has won a three years contract for the provision of services in Lot 6 in the city of Lomé for three years ending January 2013.

Zoomlion Togo SARL currently employs five (5) Togolese in for its operations. The major stakeholders of Zoomlion Togo SARL are the community in Lot 6 and the Mairie (Mayor of Lomé).


Zoomlion Togo Sarl
Pres de la Pharmacie de point E, 02 BP 20703 Lome Togo
Tel: +228 22 404656/ +228 99 672796
        +228 99 571320