CSR Policy


Focus of Zoomlion CSR
The Company’s corporate social responsibility rests solely in the area of supporting sanitation inclined projects and activities. Except in rare cases where financial support will be given out with the approval of the Communications Manager, General Manager or Chief Executive Officer, all support should be in the area of providing environmental sanitation services.

Beneficiary Organizations
Organizations that qualify for support in the area of environmental sanitation services include;

             Hospitals & psychiatric homes

             Home for the Aged

             Prisons and Borstal homes


             Environmental NGOs

             Religious groups

             Educational Institutions

            Community Based Programmes

            Other Vulnerable groups

Organizations that Qualify for Financial Support
Organisations that qualify for financial support include Ministries, Departments and Agencies and (MDAs) and Media Houses that work closely with the company

Procedure for Support
a) Organizations seeking support from the Company may apply to the company through the General Manager, the Communications Manager, or Regional Operations Supervisors, spelling out the nature of support required, the date of the said event, venue and other useful and relevant information. Such requests shall be forwarded to the Office of the Communications Manager or General Manager for consideration. The Communications Department shall reply to such letters in writing (letters or email ) or in phone calls to the requesting agency whether support was offered or not.

b) Regional Operations Supervisors, Communication Officers, and Heads of the various departments and units are obliged to inform the General Manager or the Communication Manager about such requests and receive approval before carrying out any of such activities.

c) Any failure to comply with this directive prior to performing CSR shall face disciplinary action which may include surcharge of cost of operation of the CSR from the offending officer.

d) Staffs that are approached by members of the general public for support are to explain the company’s policy and procedure for accessing the support to them.