Zoomlion Ghana Limited has a responsibility towards all its stakeholders including the communities in which we are located and operate as well as where our employees live. Throughout Ghana and beyond, wherever we offer our services, we attach prime importance to the wellbeing of the citizenry by being a good "corporate citizen" and leading by example.

Corporate citizenship at Zoomlion means creating positive changes in the lives of people and communities through the creation of clean, green and healthy environment for quality lives and support for all other programmes and initiatives geared towards the provision of good health for the people.

At Zoomlion, we believe in the development oriented CSR concept primarily in which CSR projects is seen as part of the company’s development and strategic position. This is indicated by the company’s mission statement which in part emphasizes the adoption of sustainable environmental sanitation practices, by the introduction and utilization of simple but modern technologies and methods of waste management at affordable and competitive rates.