Special Projects

Special arrangements are made with government, NGOs and developmental agencies to meet certain predefined targets that should be significant for the economy. These arrangements are seen as instrumental to nation building and given the topmost priority at Zoomlion. Our involvement in such operations has become quite common due to our well-resourced and equipped staff. Zoomlion always performs extraordinarily well as innovators, catalysts to development and waste management experts, as such, we play an important role in nation building: in terms of providing resources, implementation, monitoring, reducing unemployment and generally establishing benchmarks in the sanitation or waste management industry.

Our association with the government is rather useful in establishing our brand across various cities in West Africa and beyond. Zoomlion hopes to be the most influential company in Africa in the near future playing a key role in sanitation and health on a global perspective. We have developed a key interest in ecofriendly installations and are working with leading environmentalist, ecologist and natural scientist in cutting down carbon emissions in Ghana and in other West African countries within our reach. Through recycling, reuse, modernisation and use of green technology, we are ensuring the earth remains greener and more habitable for generations to come.

Although we have a high interest in the health and wellbeing of the people in the various communities we operate in, and on a general level, the whole of Africa, we believe that by partnering with individual members of the communities we can go a long way into meeting our aims and targets and ensuring we make a significant impact in this modern world. Every member of the community plays a vital role in ensuring good sanitation, good health and improved standards. By working together, we hope to instill the culture of personal hygiene in individuals across Africa.

Zoomlion is very focused in its special operations, and with it hopes to assist the government, local organisations or even emerging waste management companies into becoming instruments of change that Africa can identify with.