Zoomlion is very interested in establishing itself across partner networks in Africa and beyond with the hope of championing the industry in the near future. In that, Zoomlion may own or be in the process of owning full offices as extensions to the company and not as separate legal entities in various countries in the sub region and remain liable for its activities. Zoomlion’s partner offices facilitate the coordination of business in the various countries by engaging in commercial activities similar to the parent company and represent the company on various trading or functional levels

Protecting and promoting interest

The partner’s representative offices promote services and products that reflect the interest of Zoomlion; they ensure the companies objectives, goals and missions are achieved either through long term or short term plans or strategies. These would include protecting patent rights, policies, implementing projects and general good business conduct.

Continental intelligence

Intelligence can be supplied from a huge collection of data stored across data centers in the sub region. This result in more informed decisions and ensures proactivity.

Local development issues

Developing effective local institutions
Support for building on institutions are provided as a result of the partnership

Establishing and developing markets

New markets can be identified and plans for penetrating in those areas are put in place. With the partnership, Zoomlion can grow its market share and improve its customer base.